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“I would like to say that I feel the standard of care you provide to my children is excellent, and I regularly speak highly of you and recommend you to others. I also feel that you care. And that both of them receive individual attention. Also the flexibility offered in additional days in the additional days requested is always accommodated, which I need due to my busy diary – this is excellent”

A is very happy in the nursery. He’s become a very sociable and friendly towards everybody. He’s learning new stuff everyday – thanks to you all. Very proud of his achievements”

really looks forward to coming to Merry Poppets. There is a very friendly atmosphere everytime I pick up and drop of which is obviously why the children all seem so happy”

“Very happy with the childcare provision provided and have recommended you to others. Very pleased with the teaching of letter sounds, tracing of names and the other activities you provide that will eventually help my daughter when she begins school. All staff are welcoming – E is settled and happy, so thank you very much”

“Very happy with the decision to send my child to Merry Poppets. She has settled in very well & seems very happy. The staff fill me with confidence”

“I am very happy L attends your nursery, has turned into a very happy, confident child – Thank you

“I hope my daughter will get the same high standards of learning and discipline when she goes to school

“Merry Poppets excels in providing a family environment”

D loves it at nursery. He has made wonderful friends with all the staff and fellow classmates. I couldn’t be more pleased to recommend this nursery to my friends

“I’m extremely happy with the nursery, as my child really enjoys all the activities and the staff engage genuinely with the children

“Very happy with everything – you all do a great job”

“In the month L has been attending Merry Poppets nursery he seems very happy & relaxed. Thank you for keeping to my routines, has made me feel better”

“She has absolutely loved it and thrived. We have loved the staff at Flitwick and always felt secure in leaving her there. It will be a very sad day as she moves on.

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Our daughter has been attending Merry Poppets Henlow for over a year now and we are thrilled with her care and development. We truly feel like the MP staff are an extension of our family and when we drop her off we know she will have exceptional care whilst also progressing through her development indicators in a fun and interactive way. We get regular updates telling us what the week in store holds, then photos and catch-ups daily to keep us informed on how our daughter's day has been. We honestly spent so long choosing the right local nursery and we are greatful to be part of Merry Poppets Henlow.