We hope the information contained in our prospectus will answer most of your questions; for an informal viewing, nursery fees, registration, or further information, please call Amber Lee, Sarah Lawton, or Heather Sterry on 01462 850242 or 812470 who will be happy to discuss your individual childcare requirements. Evenings and Weekends 07792 531198 or 07768 403149.

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Registration Enquiries

To enquire about registering your child with Merry Poppets please call 01462 850242 / 812470 or please use our Registration Enquiry form by clicking here.

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What The Parents Say About


Our daughter has been attending Merry Poppets Henlow for over a year now and we are thrilled with her care and development. We truly feel like the MP staff are an extension of our family and when we drop her off we know she will have exceptional care whilst also progressing through her development indicators in a fun and interactive way. We get regular updates telling us what the week in store holds, then photos and catch-ups daily to keep us informed on how our daughter's day has been. We honestly spent so long choosing the right local nursery and we are greatful to be part of Merry Poppets Henlow.